Crionovo, new wholesaler & distributor in refrigeration appliances

Since August 2014 a new distributor for refrigerated appliances is present on the market, its name is Crionovo bv.
The company is focussing on the distribution of West-European brands of refrigeration cabinets, blast chillers, ice machines, monoblock systems,... towards refrigeration installers in the Benelux and the North of France and abroad.

Manager Noël Steen and technical & administration collaborators Koen Robbe and Geoffrey Spanneut (French spoken region) possess together about 70 years in the refrigeration branch and didn't stop following the last current trends in this refrigeration world.
At the beginning of 2018 Emmanuel Decock entered the team, this reinforcement allows Crionovo to maintain an optimal service towards the growing clientele.

The name Crionovo, derived from Latin and Greek, is not chosen by accidence: new cold and novelty refrigeration. Themes like security (hygiene, assured functioning, HACCP,…) and environment (consumption, ecological foodprint, CO2 equivalent, new refrigerants,…) are essential.