Mission & vision

Company mission and policy

Dynamic mission: good name by quality, service, innovation

Crionovo wants to excel in a large region by offering a big choice in quality refrigeration appliances, especially from West-European origin, and by a customer oriented service.

Crionovo looks for an approach towards innovation and sustainability.

Attention points are security and environment in all their aspects:

  1. Assured functioning and safe finishing (heavy duty)
  2. User friendliness (time=money)
  3. Food safety and hygiene (HACCP, certitude)
  4. Low consumption and good scoring ecological foot print
  5. Sustainability and innovative solutions

Correct company policy

Crionovo wants to profile as a dynamic but correct distributor – wholesaler in Belgium the Benelux and West-Europe, where the majority of their partners are.
It wants to keep his promises, give correct information on function and application field of the appliances and on delivery times.

As a wholesaler Crionovo distributes high quality premium refrigeration appliances over a network of professional dealers – installers and en via contracting.
The added values and services offered, are an extremely important issue.

A correct pricing is the logical result.

Customer and end user satisfaction is the goal. 

Company vision and philosophy

Crionovo shows a different approach where original brands are important, as a guarantee for both quality and service, this brand integrity, image and identity offer you profit.

A good communication by personal contact or via the old and new media, offers you an important added value.

Together with its partners, like customers, product and service suppliers and staff Crionovo tries to build a lasting relationship with mutual respect and a corporate government and social responsibility.